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ONSKY BLVD prioritizes and guarantees authenticity. All items go through a rigorous professional expertise system to verify their authenticity. With every order, we provide authentication documents to ensure that you have proof of the product's authenticity. Determinations are provided by our team of highly trained brand experts. We are partnered with Real Authentication, which is a trusted AI system that offers expert designer authentication services. Two or more experts review items submitted for a thorough, reliable, and trusted luxury authentication service. Certificates of Authenticity feature the item title, client name, one main image of the item, a Real Authentication certificate number, and a scannable QR code for instant document verification. ONSKY BLVD does not support, source, promote nor sell counterfeit products. Not only are counterfeit items linked to crimes, but they also ruin the reputation of luxury fashion brands. We have curated a safe place for you to explore and shop with confidence. 

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